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Episode 744: Barron Trump No Longer Accepting Delegate at RNC; Will Trump's Buddy Get out of Going to Jail? Database for Pregnant Women?

This week on Ring of Fire!

It was announced last week that Barron Trump would be an RNC delegate at the RNC convention this coming summer, but Melania Trump has now put that idea to rest. Her office announced that he is declining to be a delegate for the state of Florida, but this came AFTER her husband, Donald, made a video boasting about Barron being a delegate where the former president appeared to not even know how old his son is.

Another one of Donald Trump's friends is moving closer to becoming a jailbird after an Appeals Court upheld the criminal conviction of Steve Bannon for defying a Congressional subpoena. Bannon had been allowed by a Trump-appointed judge to remain out of prison as he appeals the conviction, but he may now be out of options. Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is currently serving his sentence for the same crime, but he had a judge that was NOT appointed by Donald Trump.

Republican Senator Katie Britt, who was last seen making a fool of herself from her own kitchen during her State of the Union Response, has put forth legislation that could end up creating a national database with the personal information of every pregnant woman in America. Britt claims that the legislation would only create resources for pregnant women to understand their options (options that don't include any information about terminating a pregnancy,) but the legislation actually says that women can enter their information for the government to track and store. This is exceptionally dangerous, given the laws that are popping up all over the country.

During a recent podcast, two professional psychologists warned that Donald Trump's mental deterioration appears to be accelerating. They pointed to the fact that his mental gaffes are becoming both worse and more frequent, which could be a sign that his brain is rotting out faster than we realize. The stress of his criminal trial could be the catalyst that is causing this rapid decline.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!