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Ep 195: The Landlord Experience w/ Kevin Rogan (part 1)

Sean is joined by the notorious Kevin Rogan, urbanism blogger extraordinaire and Marxist scourge of landlord Twitter, to talk about how housing, development and rent under capitalism.

How do housing markets work? (Hint: not at all) Why are landlords objectively both evil and stupid? (Hint: it's baked in) What do NIMBYs/YIMBYs represent? (Hint: two competing factions of capital) How do we fight the land owners and win? And how do tenant unions fit into the broader struggle against capital?

This is part one of an extended discussion. For the second half - a whole hour of takes on Matt Yglesias, intra-petit bourg warfare over the soul of city, and Mr Skanska looking over the back of US building capital - become a patron today at

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Song: Mirah - Dear Landlord