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CROSSPOST: Castrating The Bitcoin Bull w/ Jamie, Aaron & Jorge

In their first ever CURRENT EVENTS episode, the Everybody Loves Communism crew of Jamie Peck, Aaron Thorpe (he's back, y'all!) and Jorge Rocha (@linegoesdown) take on various topics of the day, including Peter Thiel's Bitcoin meltdown and NYC mayor Eric Adams' love of crypto. Okay, so it's mostly about Bitcoin. What does it mean that various capitalists are having it out over this dumb new commodity?

To the 1,000 or so of you who are already listening to ELC on the regs: sorry for the dearth of slop this week. Come to the Eve 6 afterparty and Jamie will buy you a drink. No seriously, she's throwing the afterparty for the 5/4 Eve 6 NYC tour date. DM for deets!

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