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Ep. 102 - LASD SMD w/ Scott Frazier

While the most riotous moments of the George Floyd Uprising have past, in parts of the country renewed attention to police tyranny continues to lead to clashes. LA Podcast co-host Scott Frazier joins us to talk about the struggle in Los Angeles, specifically against its massive Sheriff's Dept (LASD) now in the spotlight for horrific acts of violence following the discovery of Robert Fuller, a black man dead from hanging, in Palmdale California.

After immediately ruling the death a suicide with no evidence, LASD killed Fuller's half brother Terron Boone. And last week they inexplicably killed 18 year old Andres Guardado, a security guard working out of their jurisdiction. Then they removed the cameras.

We talk about the history of LASD and the broader context of riots and political struggle and racism in Los Angeles. We also tell some fun LA Stories!

Show notes:

Man found hanging in Manhattan park:

LASD gangs:

LASD prisons and COVID:

Garcetti's anti-homeless street sweeps: