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  • Jan 29, 2020: Calling All BidenBros

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    Joe Biden wants any online Biden Bros to step up their posting, according to a report by Bloomberg News, which says the former Vice President’s campaign is actively encouraging supporters to duke it out with Bernie Sanders’s extremely online fans.

    Meanwhile, the John Bolton show continues to dominate impeachment proceedings, as all eyes turn to the small core of Republican moderates, led by Mitt Romney, to see if they’ll provide the votes to get Bolton his day in court.

    And lastly, the Trump administration unveils its plan for Israel and Palestine and well, let’s just say calling it a quote “peace” plan is quite a stretch.


    Calling all Biden Bros: Uncle Joe needs your good tweets and posts.

    According to Bloomberg News, the Biden campaign is urging its supporters to get active online and defend their gaffe-prone candidate from the terrifying hordes of Bernie Sanders supporters on social media.

    Bloomberg reports that the Biden camp thinks Sanders’ online army is quote “getting ugly.” This makes sense: it can’t be fun for Biden to get confronted by his own terrible voting record every day.

    Sanders isn’t the only candidate with a legion of devoted fans online, but he’s almost certainly got more than Joe, considering he’s polling almost 30 percent higher than Biden in the internet-fluent 18-29 age group.

    Biden may also be losing support among older voters as well, the Intercept reported on Tuesday. His polling numbers among the 45-64 age group have swung 17 points toward Sanders in recent days.

    The Sanders camp, meanwhile, is digging in for an onslaught of attack ads placed by a P-A-C called the Democratic Majority for Israel, which will begin to run on Wednesday. Whatever happens this week, it looks like the tweets will continue to fly.

    We are now entering day number three of the John Bolton impeachment decision, as the Senate continues to deliberate on whether or not to subpoena the former national security advisor to testify.

    Bolton, for those of you catching up, alleged in a draft of his new book that Trump had said he wanted to keep aid for Ukraine on ice until the country agreed to investigate the Bidens. If he says that under oath in front of the Senate, it could shake up the whole impeachment trial.

    On Tuesday, Trump’s lawyers essentially told the Senate to ignore Bolton. In any other context, that’s great advice, but for the precious few moderate-leaning Republicans in the Senate, it may not be good enough.

    As it stands, Democrats need four Republicans to vote their way to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial and subpoena Bolton. The New York Times reports that Mitt Romney seems like a good bet, as does Susan Collins of Maine.

    Of the rest, the Wall Street Journal reports that Senators Lisa Murkowski and Lamar Alexander are quote “open to the idea,” which basically means they’re waiting to see which way the political winds blow before coming down on one side or the other.

    This indecision, however, has got to be making Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nervous. The Journal reports that he acknowledged Republicans don’t quite have the votes to block Bolton from testifying, likely because of the maybes we just mentioned.

    And everywhere, people are losing patience. On Tuesday night, a twitter hashtag popped up to encourage Romney to, well, Mitt Or Get Off The Pot. You can sort out that pun.

    The Trump Administration released its long-awaited Middle East quote “peace plan” endquote, which does not appear to be particularly peaceful for some of the parties involved.

    The plan, which would annex large swathes of Palestine’s ever-shrinking territory into Israel, is basically a gift to Israel’s hard-right regime under Benjamin Netanyahu, who was at Trump’s side as he made the announcement.

    The plan’s resulting map looks like a heavily gerrymandered Congressional district, as the Trump and Netanyahu administration cut up Palestine to make sure Israel retained control of Jerusalem and its colonialist settlements outside the city.

    Palestinian leadership is largely not on speaking terms with Trump, but their response was swift and decisive. Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas called the plan a quote “conspiracy deal,” and immediately rejected the proposal, which appears to have been deemed downright insulting.

    Bernie Sanders and other progressive leaders immediately denounced the plan as well.

    Jared Kushner, the supposed architect of the plan, wasted no time in blaming the Palestinians for not accepting their lot, saying quote “It’s a big opportunity for the Palestinians, and they have a perfect track record of blowing every opportunity they’ve had in their past,” endquote. Sounds like Jared’s the one who blew this opportunity, but who’s counting besides the entire Middle East anyway?


    A Maryland police officer who shot and killed a handcuffed, unarmed black man in the back of a police car has been arrested and charged with murder less than 24 hours after the shooting, in a shocking departure from the usual narrative of a police killing.

    The U.S. Air Force dropped more bombs on Afghanistan this year than any other year since they started recording statistics in 2006. With little to show for it, it’s a complete mystery why we continue to inflict such violence on the country after 18 years of war.

    Locust swarms fueled by the climate crisis are decimating crops in East Africa, alarming U.N. officials who fear for the region’s food supply.

    A new poll shows Bernie Sanders with a massive lead in the early-voting state of New Hampshire, clocking in at 28 percent support. His closest rival, Biden, has a meagre 13 percent.

    #AMQuickie: Monday, January 29th, 2020

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  • Jan 28, 2020: Democrats Start Fearing the Bern

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    The thought of a Bernie Sanders presidency is inspiring fear in centrist Democrats and fellow candidates alike -- a New York Times story laments his online army of fans and his rivals for the Democratic nomination step up their fundraising rhetoric.

    Meanwhile, Trump’s impeachment defense team sticks to its original argument, ignoring the fact that John Bolton may have evidence that blows their whole silly farce out of the water. We’ll see how that pays off!

    And lastly, the Supreme Court rules 5-4 to allow the Trump administration to expand the “public charge” rule, making it far easier to prevent poor immigrants from being able to live in the country legally.


    Does the name Bernie Sanders strike fear in your heart? If not, you probably wouldn’t be at home with the establishment Democrats.

    Bernie’s dramatic rise in the polls this weekend has inspired a whole round of pot-stirring by pretty much everyone who doesn’t want to see him win.

    Monday saw a strange New York Times’ article decrying the methods and manners of Bernie’s legion of online fans.

    Sure, being on Twitter can be obnoxious for everyone involved, but Bernie certainly isn’t the only candidate with plenty of idiots who love to yell abuse at people in his name.

    The Times also reports that traditional Iowa Democrats are starting to wonder quote “what are we going to do if Bernie wins?” endquote. The easy answer is support him, but that might be too simple.

    And some candidates, at least, are trying to use the Bernie Bogeyman for personal gain. In a fundraising email on Monday, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign warned that Bernie could become the nominee, something they called “risky.”

    So far, the attacks seem pretty weak, but Bernie’s team is gearing up for anything. Campaign surrogate Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said that in the last few days before the Caucuses, quote “things are going to get crazy.”

    The Trump Administration’s crack trial defense team is staying on its extremely dumb course, despite new revelations that could sink its argument in a fair trial.

    Following John Bolton’s allegations that Trump directly mentioned holding aid to Ukraine in exchange for a Biden investigation, Trump’s lawyers continued to insist that there was no evidence that the president linked aid to investigations. One of these things, then, is clearly not true!

    This strategy essentially rests on Bolton never seeing the inside of a Senate testimony room. If Democrats are unable to call witnesses and subpoena evidence in the trial, Trump’s legal team team of mall food court regulars can continue to insist that the president did nothing wrong.

    It’s up to Mitch McConnell to hold the line for the Republicans. But cracks are beginning to show in the GOP’s defense.

    Senator Mitt Romney, far from a fan of the president, told reporters on Monday that he thinks it’s quote “increasingly likely” endquote that other Republicans flip on McConnell and vote to subpoena Bolton to get his side of the story. A witness on the stand, wow! It sounds almost like an actual trial!

    The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday to allow the Trump administration to enforce one of its most ambitious, and most despicable, immigration policies yet.

    The court’s decision allows the Trump administration to drastically expand the definition of a quote “public charge,” which is someone the government deems to be a quote “burden on society,” and use that to justify denying them visas or green card applications.

    It’s very clear who this change will target: poor immigrants, many of whom are black or brown. Under the new changes, the “public charge” label can be applied to anyone who receives assistance like food stamps or government housing, even if they’re employed.

    This creates what many progressive activists are calling a “wealth test” for admission into the country, effectively allowing the Trump administration to screen out poor immigrants. Other activists warn that the changes will heavily impact women, children, and the elderly, making a draconian immigration system just a little bit more hellish.


    Florida sheriffs on Monday arrested Wolfgang Halbig, a notorious conspiracist and former contributor to Infowars for unlawful possession of personal identification. Halbig was infamous for tormenting the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims, insisting that their tragedy was a hoax.

    A group of protestors from the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action marched into Joe Biden’s statewide headquarters in Des Moines on Monday evening to protest the candidate’s ties to the healthcare insurance industry and his opposition to Medicare for All. Biden staffers were not amused, if the videos surfacing online are any indication.

    After a dozen deaths in Mississippi’s state prison system in the past few weeks, activists are calling for a state of emergency to address what they say are inhumane conditions in the state’s penitentiaries.

    And finally, the State Department is booting NPR’s diplomatic correspondent off Mike Pompeo’s government airplane for an upcoming press trip to Ukraine and other nations, likely as part of the spat that kicked off when Pomeo melted down under sharp questioning from NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly. Clearly, Pompeo has decided to take the high road -- in his jet, without NPR on board.

    #AMQuickie: Monday, January 28th, 2020

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  • Jan 27, 2020: Bolton Leak Upends Impeachment

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    Former National Security Advisor John Bolton dropped a bomb on Trump’s impeachment case this weekend, alleging in an unreleased book that the president wanted to keep military aid to Ukraine frozen until the country agreed to investigate the Bidens.

    Meanwhile,​ Bernie Sanders ​surges​ in Iowa. In a new Emerson College poll, Sanders hit a whopping ​_thirty_​ percent support in the Iowa Democratic Caucuses. Joe Biden trails, at 21 percent, with a week to go before the vote.

    And lastly, ​the new​ ​coronavirus originating from China continues to spread, as the Chinese government imposes a strict quarantine on a region that 53 million people call home.


    John Bolton had himself quite a weekend!

    No, he didn’t get the war with Iran he always wanted, but Trump’s former National Security Advisor did throw himself into another battle.

    In a draft of an unreleased book obtained by the ​_New York Times_​, Bolton claims that Trump directly told him that he wanted to freeze aid to Ukraine until the country had begun investigating the Bidens.

    This claim could shake up the entire impeachment trial, as it directly contradicts the center of Trump’s defense, which argues that the freeze of military aid was unconnected to Trump’s ask that Ukraine announce investigations into Joe Biden’s son Hunter and other political enemies.

    President Donald Trump denied Bolton’s claims on Twitter Sunday night, saying they were only to quote “sell a book.”

    Sure enough, Bolton’s book popped up for pre-order on Amazon right after the accusations in his manuscript came to light. But that doesn’t mean he’s lying!

    The book is currently in the nebulous “pre-publication review” process at the White House, where the Administration has likely summoned as many actually literate people as it can find to pore over the manuscript and try to squash it before its planned release date of March 17.

    Bolton himself has said he would comply with a Senate subpoena to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial -- assuming it’s allowed.

    The Senate votes this week on whether or not to allow witnesses and documents to be subpoenaed, which given Mitch McConnell’s unholy sway over the Republican majority, isn’t looking good.

    The news just keeps getting better for Bernie Sanders.

    Following a strong week in the polls last week, a new Emerson College poll has the Senator at an honestly impressive 30 percent support in Iowa’s notoriously fickle caucuses.

    The poll, which was taken between January 23 and 26, has Bernie at 30 percent support, Biden at 21 percent, and Amy Klobuchar of all people in third at 13 percent.

    Elizabeth Warren comes in next at 11, and Pete Buttigieg scrapes into double digits with 10.

    The poll is just more evidence that Sanders is a real front runner. But that doesn’t mean Iowa is his to lose yet.

    A Suffolk University poll conducted over the same period still had Biden in the lead, at 25 percent to Bernie’s 19.

    And the nature of the Iowa Caucuses give it all an extra wrinkle: because voters can switch to a second-choice candidate, all kinds of crazy situations could happen.

    All the candidates are looking to hit a 15 percent mark to become viable and lock in at least some delegates from the state. Unlike many other primaries, Iowa isn’t winner-take-all, but whoever takes the most delegates usually considers themselves the victor.

    The fun stuff happens when supporters of the smaller candidates who don’t hit 15 percent start to change their votes, putting a whole lot of variables into the whole process.

    There’s a week left until the Caucuses start, so polling numbers could change again -- but for now, the Sanders campaign looks to be in a pretty good spot.

    The new strain of coronavirus is quickly becoming a global fear, and the Chinese government’s attempts to stop it may just be making things worse.

    The disease, a respiratory virus similar to SARS, has sickened almost 3,000 people around the world, mostly in China, which reported almost a thousand new infections on Monday. At least 80 people have died.

    The virus worries global health officials because of how quickly it spreads, especially in population-dense countries like China. Already, cases have popped up in Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States, among others.

    The Chinese government has taken drastic steps to confront the disease: extending the lunar new year holiday until February 3rd to postpone travel, and even placing a quarantine on the area the disease is most concentrated.

    These measures, however, may not be enough. Five million people left the area before it was locked down, and disease experts warn that the quarantine may make the health crisis inside even worse by getting in the way of distributing food, water and medical supplies to sick residents.

    These conditions could lead to unrest as people realize their government is failing to control and treat the disease.


    The Washington Post suspended a reporter on Sunday after she tweeted a link to an article about the rape allegations against Kobe Bryant, who died with his daughter and 7 others in a helicopter crash earlier in the day. The Post claims she was suspended not for posting the article, but for posting an unredacted screenshot of her email inbox, which was full of hate messages from Kobe’s fans.

    Tennessee’s Republican Governor signed a bill on Friday that will continue using taxpayer’s money to fund faith-based foster care and adoption agencies that discriminate against LGBTQ families. The Trump administration is reportedly thinking about making this policy a nationwide rule.

    The White House provided press credentials for Trump’s Davos trip to TruNews, a conservative Christian website whose founder has claimed that impeaching the president is a quote “Jew coup” endquote. It’s nice to see the Trump administration finally respecting the first amendment, at least!

    Puerto Rico was hit by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake on Saturday after suffering heavy flooding in recent rains as well. The territory has been hit by quakes every day for nearly a month.

    #AMQuickie: Thursday, January 27th, 2020

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  • Jan 24, 2020: Trump Tortures Migrant Children

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    Trump tortures migrant children:

    It sounds like Abu Ghraib. But in America. And exclusively for children. A report in Mother Jones magazine says migrant kids in federal custody were punished by being hooded, tied to chairs for hours at a time, isolated, and stripped naked.

    The Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center in Virginia is one of only two companies employed by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to detain migrant children who have been separated from their parents -- and are deemed to be QUOTE threatening ENDQUOTE.

    A group of prosecutors from around the US have filed a court brief expressing alarm about Shenandoah’s treatment of migrant teens. The torturous punishments were delivered for infractions such as QUOTE not participating in class, complaining about a headache, or accidentally hitting the ceiling with the ball while playing soccer ENDQUOTE. Some young refugees became suicidal as a result.

    A lawsuit over the abuse is ongoing. However, as Mother Jones reports, the other facility contracted to hold those so-called threatening minors will stop doing so next month. Which means the Shenandoah child abuse complex will be the only destination for many new migrant kids. They are the first clear victims of Donald Trump’s genocide against Americans who were born on the wrong side of a river.

    Let me just say, fuck Donald Trump.

    Meanwhile, secessionist paramilitary leader exposed:

    The man has multiple aliases and almost no internet presence, yet he owns land and several companies. He went to a Catholic prep school in New Jersey, but also claimed residence in Russia. A soldier for hire, he is reported to have served in Afghanistan – and now the United States. Before the Guardian pieced together his identity, he was organizing paramilitary training camps in the remote Pacific Northwest.

    The mysterious mercenary, Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, led The Base, a neo-Nazi terrorist group that was recently raided by the FBI. Under aliases including Norman Spear and Roman Wolf, he attempted to raise an army to create a whites-only ethno-state covering Western Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State.

    It was a full-blown secessionist plot. But the Guardian also identified one of Nazzaro’s aliases as a purported CIA field intelligence officer. And it confirmed one of Nazzaro’s companies as a registered US government contractor.

    It’s unclear who Nazzaro was ultimately working for and to what end, but the Guardian’s story confirms one thing: Trump’s America is a covert battleground.

    And lastly, Bernie Sanders gains in the polls before Iowa:

    The Bernie Sanders surge is real. As the Iowa Caucuses draw near, new polls show Sanders senator expanding his lead over competing Democrats in the party primary.

    A new poll from WBUR, the Boston NPR affiliate, put Sanders far ahead of the rest of the field in the early primary state of New Hampshire, with 29 percent favorability. Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg came in a distant second with 17 percent, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, with 14 and 13 percent respectively.

    New national polls by CNN and others also put Sanders in the lead albeit by closer margins.

    This explains why competing candidates and party factions – not to mention media outlets staffed heavily by rich white people, whose owners hate his anti-corporate message -- have also stepped up their attacks on the socialist Senator from Vermont.

    CNN endured criticism for its handling of the last Democratic debate, where Sanders supporters say it handicapped their candidate on a matter of fact in an argument with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Now it seems the network, owned by telecom giant AT&T, is ducking out of a prior deal to host the debates next week ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. CNN blamed Trump’s impeachment for creating a scheduling conflict.

    Meanwhile, a Fox Business channel employee published an anonymously sourced story claiming former President Barack Obama would soon make a strong statement against Sanders. They would say that, though, wouldn’t they?

    Until it’s on Obama’s Netflix show, it didn’t happen.


    The failing president of the United States is a dangerous racist psychopath. As his impeachment trial continues, President Trump threatened violence against protesters. On Thursday, Trump posted a photo snowplow emblazoned with the words Trump 2020 – Pushing Snowflakes Aside. The president added a caption of his own:

    "That is a real fan. Thank you!"

    Not subtle, Don.

    For those living under rocks, snowflake is a fascist nickname for liberals and leftists. A snowplow – well, you know what a snowplow does. Over the past two years, Republicans in several states have tried to de-criminalize vehicular homicide against protesters. Activist Heather Heyer was killed by a fascist behind the wheel in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Trump’s new threat came about a week after he promoted an armed white nationalist at the Virginia state capitol -- on MLK Day.

    Achoo! The World Health Organization announced that it was not YET declaring an emergency over a deadly new respiratory disease. Wuhan coronavirus has infected hundreds and killed at least 17 people since its discovery in China. Roads into and out of the city where it was discovered have been closed. The WHO says it’s tracking the disease closely. Migrant workers and the poor are expected to face the worst. As usual.

    At last, inbox zero. Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime associate and purported madame, the heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, is the latest unfortunate victim of cybercrime. Maxwell has been in hiding since before Epstein died in federal custody last year – that is, assuming she is in fact still alive.

    Maxwell’s personal emails, held on a private server, were reportedly hacked by unknown parties. This is according to documents filed by her lawyers in a defamation suit filed by one of the victims of Epstein’s industrial-scale multinational child sex trafficking ring.

    This means the potentially explosive contents of Maxwell’s correspondence are in the hands of – well, who knows? If you may have come across these documents, please, return them to the lost and found desk at your nearest public library. It’s only right.

    #AMQuickie: Thursday, January 24, 2020

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  • Jan 23, 2020: Trump's Corruption Bankrolls Republicans

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    Trump's corruption pays off for Republican fundraisers.

    Meanwhile, world health officials warn of a deadly new outbreak. It already shut down a whole city in China.

    And finally, Philadelphia police smear an iconic war hero: Gritty

    _ _ _

    #AMQuickie: Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

    HOSTS - Sam Seder & Lucie Steiner

    WRITER - Corey Pein

    PRODUCER - Dorsey Shaw


    Trump's corruption pays off for Republican fundraisers:

    Two days in to the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the Republican defense strategy is clear: sabotage the process, and change the subject. Same as ever.

    Senate Democrats spent yesterday summarizing their case against Trump. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is helping Trump by suppressing new evidence and squeezing the schedule.

    There is obstruction outside Congress as well. Attorney General Bill Barr is ignoring a judge's order to turn over even more documents about the Trump family. Specifically, Barr's Justice Department is refusing to disclose an FBI interview with Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The DOJ says it needs to go over the interview and make QUOTE appropriate redactions ENDQUOTE.

    Still, the case against Trump, which House impeachment manager Adam Schiff summarized for Senators yesterday, remains strong. Congressman Schiff explained how Trump shook down the leader of Ukraine to force the country to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. (Also yesterday, more than one new nationwide poll put Biden behind Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary.)

    For his part, Trump has peeled himself away from TV. This week he at the oligarchs’ convention in Davos, Switzerland, no doubt hoping to cut a few more crooked deals. The Washington Post reports that despite -- or more likely because of -- his corrupt reputation, Trump is attracting new money to the GOP. The Post dug up at least 220 big new Republican donors. Together, those new donors have raised more than $21 million for Trump and the Party. They include millionaires and billionaires in fracking and loan sharking (the legal kind). You know, Trump people!

    World health officials warn of a deadly new outbreak. It already shut down a whole city in China:

    The Chinese government has shut down all public transportation in a city of eleven million people in an attempt to contain a deadly new virus. There are already confirmed cases around Asia, as well as in Australia and the United States. That Chinese city, Wuhan, gave the disease its name -- Wuhan coronavirus.

    The World Health Organization started meeting on the issue yesterday. It should announce today whether it will be declaring an international health emergency over the deadly bug.

    The last coronovirus you might remember hearing about was called SARS, or Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Wuhan coronavirus is said to be similar and can be transmitted through human-to-human contact.

    The New York Times reports that more than 500 cases are confirmed, and at least 17 people have died. A W.H.O. spokesman told the paper QUOTE We don’t know how many people are infected. The more you test, the more you will find people who are infected. We don’t know if there are asymptomatic cases. If they are asymptomatic, are they contagious? ENDQUOTE.

    Good question. Expect to hear more about this. And wash your hands!

    Philadelphia police smear an iconic war hero: Gritty:

    Free Gritty! The Philadelphia police department is smearing the city's beloved Antifascist mascot, Gritty. The shaggy, orange, bug-eyed Muppet-like animal known as Gritty has also been seen at hockey games, rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers. Gritty is beloved by all.

    Police say Gritty, or a person dressed as Gritty, punched a 13-year-old fan QUOTE as hard as he could UNQUOTE. That's according to the Philly PD and the boy's father.

    But consider the timeline. The alleged incident took place in November of last year. The boy's father waited a month to report it to police. Now, at the end of January, the police tip off the press.

    There may be a simple explanation. But there is something the Philly media forgot to mention. The city has a new police commissioner. Her name is Danielle -- would you believe it -- Outlaw. She comes most recently from Portland, Oregon.

    In Portland, Outlaw bragged on right-wing talk radio about kicking the butts of Antifa. Those were her words, not mine. She forgot to mention that protests only happened when Nazi

    rallies threatened to shut down the city -- just like in Richmond, Virginia, on Martin Luther King Day. Previously, Outlaw worked in Oakland when its police force was racked with scandal.

    So Outlaw failed up from Portland to Philly. And soon after she showed up, an Antifa icon got slandered as a child abuser.

    Longtime observers of Philly sports noted that the police smear job was likely to backfire. Flyers fans, after all, would no doubt pay to watch their mascot attack a puny little child.


    Some good news! This week Oakland become the first city in California to ban criminal background checks for renters. The city's QUOTE fair chance housing ENQUOTE measure passed unanimously, and Berkely is expected to follow suit. A survey of Oakland’s homeless camps found that three-quarters of the people living there had previously been in jail or prison.

    Wicked landlords who break the rules could face $1,000 per violation, and are liable to civil action. So here's my advice: Be gay, do crimes, and if the landlord gets mouthy, sue him and take his money! This plan is perfect.

    Evo Morales, the popular and long-serving president of Bolivia who was driven into exile after a military coup last year, has a lot to say. Morales had a big rally in Argentina yesterday. He called it a celebration of the end of his presidential term -- although he is finishing it in exile.

    Earlier this month, Morales told a German newspaper it was a mistake not have had a Plan B to defend his government. He also said that if he returned to Bolivia it would be a priority to form popular militias. Morales blamed Donald Trump for the coup against him and said Trump wanted to own Bolivia QUOTE like a trophy ENDQUOTE.

    As though Trump needs more gold, the tacky bitch.

    Attention! Bras must be worn at all times! A woman's nipples were ruled unfit for her children by a judge in Utah. Tilli Buchanan was installing drywall in her garage with her husband when her three stepchildren came in and saw her boobs. Now a county judge in Salt Lake City says she will face three counts of lewdness involving a child, which mean up to one year in jail and a decade as a registered sex offender.

    It makes sense, you know. Kids should learn what nipples are when and only when Jesus says it's time.

  • Jan 22, 2020: Bezos Hacked By The Saudis

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    Glenn Greenwald is threatened with prison in Brazil.

    Meanwhile, you’ll never guess who had his phone hacked by the Saudis. It’s not Glenn.

    Also, Democrats in Congress warn that US intelligence is totally compromised.


    Public health agencies are warning about a new respiratory virus that sickened more than 400 people in China and then spread to Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

    Bernie roasts Clinton with wholesomeness.

    The newspaper most responsible for bringing Jeffrey Epstein to justice -- before his demise --just closed a printing press.

  • Jan 21, 2020: Bloomberg Gentrifies TV-Land

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    Will Bill Barr recuse himself on impeachment? Don't hold your breath.

    The billionaire Mike Bloomberg is making life harder for grassroots Democratic primary candidates.

    Finally, who is Bernie Sanders being asked to apologize to now?


    Two of the psychologists behind America’s torture program, dating to the George W. Bush administration, will at last give evidence in a courtroom.

    The official Republican Party Martin Luther King Junior Day celebrations took place yesterday at the Virginia state capitol in Richmond.

  • Jan 20, 2020: Militia Threatens Virginia Democrat

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    Right-wing extremists try to intimidate elected officials and activists today in Virginia.

    Meanwhile, a House Republican's military aide is one step removed from the stalking of a U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine.

    And lastly, some bad news in the New York Times for Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.


    Life at the brink in Australia.

    Gaudio leaps ahead to Davos.

    And lastly, the French strikes continue and we aren't jealous at all.

  • Jan 17, 2020: New Trump Allegations from Parnas

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    Rudy Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas had a lot more beans to spill on MSNBC last night, including a claim that Trump’s old attorney’s John Dowd asked him to sacrifice himself for Trump.

    Meanwhile, new evidence shows that Georgia’s election systems were likely hacked before the election that gave Governor Brian Kemp his narrow victory over Stacey Abrams.

    And lastly, Florida’s Supreme Court rules in favor of a poll tax for ex-felons who won the right to vote in 2018.


    Time magazine reports that YouTube has been actively promoting videos containing misinformation about climate change through a feature that determines what users watch for 70% of the time they spend on the platform, according to a report released Thursday.

    At least 15,292 people were fatally shot in the United States last year, according to a new report from a nonprofit that advocates against gun violence.

    The New York Times reports that eleven U.S. troops were injured when Iranian ballistic missiles struck two Iraqi bases last week, the military confirmed Thursday.

    And lastly, Bernie Sanders, who has been surging in the polls this year, is now tied with Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination among registered voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national poll.

  • Jan 16, 2020: 'Trump Lied' Says Giuliani Henchman

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    In a bombshell interview, Rudy Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas says Donald Trump knew exactly what going on with Giuliani’s shadow foreign policy conduct in Ukraine.

    Meanwhile, House Democrats formally deliver articles of impeachment against Trump to the Senate.

    And lastly, Virginia became the 38th state in the nation to approve the Equal Rights Amendment, meeting the constitutional threshold 50 years after it passed in Congress.


    Audio from Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's testy post-debate exchange on Tuesday has been released by CNN, revealing that Warren accused Sanders of calling her a liar on the debate stage.

    A comprehensive new study that reviewed nearly three decades of existing analyses shows implementation of a single-payer healthcare system like Medicare for All could dramatically reduce costs in the United States.

    Politico reports that the State Department abruptly canceled two classified congressional briefings Wednesday that were supposed to focus on embassy security and the U.S. relationship with Iran, Capitol Hill aides said, infuriating lawmakers and staffers seeking answers on the fallout from President Donald Trump's decision to kill a senior Iranian general.

    Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a four-day state of emergency in the city of Richmond on Wednesday ahead of a large gun-rights demonstration planned for Monday, saying there is a possibility that hate groups will attend the rally and attempt to commit acts of violence.

    And lastly, a federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a Trump administration order giving states and localities the power to refuse to resettle refugees.