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  • Ep 51: The Housing Monster w/ Samuel Stein

    Samuel Stein, author of 'Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State' from Verso Books, comes on the pod to explain why neoliberalism will have us all living in pods if we don't do something about the global housing crisis.

    We discuss the rise of the FIRE sector. We demystify the concept of gentrification. We isolate the fundamental contradictions of housing as a commodity. We unpack the ways in which even the most well-meaning progressive politicians and planners are utterly constrained by the system itself.

    And, as is our want, we take a profound plunge into how workers have organized for the right to housing in the past and how we might ultimately fight to slay the housing monster.

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  • BONUS PREVIEW - Handsy Joe w/ Katie Halper

    In this bonus, we debut a new parody song by Katie Halper (@kthalps) with an assist from Jamie. We also discuss the garbage musical Rent (and how its composer stole queer radical valor), New York machine politics, why it's good to talk about Biden's boundary issues even though they're the least of his crimes, and the populist potential of #metoo. Everyone talks really fast and interrupts each other. Sean ends with a too-hot-to-handle take on Kurt Cobain.

    Come see Jamie, Katie, Leslie Lee iii, Jack Allison, Jake Flores and Matt Taibbi TONIGHT (5/10) at Littlefield in Brooklyn!

  • UNLOCKED Antifada's Proletkult #1 w/ Stephanie Monohan

    You got your History is Weapon with Sean KB... you got your upcoming new film series (!) with Jamie Peck... and now we are proud to present the first installment of AP Andy's new Proletkult! This irregularly published Antifada series will cover ufological happenings, the paranormal/parapolitical, left futurism and science fiction.

    After some fresh Space News on the Israeli moonlanding fail, Andy is joined by Stephanie Monohan (@shdwbxng) to discuss her recent presentation at the Theorizing the Web conference, 'Lights in the Sky,' on paranormal investigation networks as precursors to social media, our collective obsession with UFOs (as memes or otherwise) and how ufology has been affected in this neoliberal 'post-truth' era. They round out the discussion with an update on the dialectical overcoming of the contradictions within the DSA Posadist Caucus through the formation of NYC's Emerge Caucus (@DSAEmerge) which both she and Jamie are involved in.

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  • Ep 50 - The Dream of the 90s w/ Katie Halper

    Doyenne of the podcast left, @kthalps, joins Jamie and Sean to discuss 1990s nostalgia. Mostly we come up with reasons why the decade actually kinda sucked and brought us to the mess we're in today. We also make some indecent proposals to famous people, discuss Juanita Broaddrick and fill a heaping mug with Laura Loomer tears.

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  • Ep 49: Breadtube Allstars w/ The Serfs, Non-Compete &

    Every get the feeling that YouTube is a cesspool of corporate propaganda and right-wing nuttery? You're not wrong. Thankfully, the left is fighting back in myriad ways.

    We are joined by content-craftspersons The Serfs, Non-Compete and Nick from Means Media to discuss how online got so fashy, what we can do to compete with Prager U (and a million other jerks) on the Tube and how left media can break from our capitalist overlords with new cooperative platforms.

    The Serfs - @serfspodcast

    Non-Compete - @emericanjohnson

    Means.TV - @means_tv

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  • BONUS preview: Tash2.0

    More of our interview with Natasha Lennard about the antifas, social democracy, smooth bernies, and our political horizons

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    Check out 'Being Numerous,' available May 1st:

  • Ep 48: 12 Rules for Non-Fascist Life w/ Natasha Lennard

    Good friend and all-around badass Tash rolls through once again to talk about her forthcoming essay collection from Verso Books, 'Being Numerous: Essays On Non-Fascist Life.' We discuss anti-fascism in theory and practice, the promise and pitfalls of radical love, and the role of capital and the state in ratifying and distorting our desires, and whatever the opposite of "enforced monogamy" is. We also try not to have a take on the Notre Dame fire, but ultimately cannot help ourselves. C'est la vie!

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  • Ep 47: The Party Question w/ Famous Leftists (+ virgil texas)

    This weekend was the biennial blast that is the Historical Materialism (@histmat) Conference NYC. Naturally, we took the opportunity to attend some panels and interview old friends and new. Several we interviewed tipsy in an NYC public school and others we talked to rather drunk at the @commune_mag loft down by the railroad tracks.


    George Ciccariello-Maher (@ciccmar) on the coup in Venezuela

    Jasper Bernes (@outsidadicator) on communization

    Michelle O'Brien (NYC Trans Oral History Project) on abolishing the bourgeois family

    Callum Cant (callumcant1) & Jamie Woodcock (@jamie_woodcock) on workers inquiry, militant unionism in the UK and V I D E O G A M E S

    Malav Kanuga (@CommonNotions) on why Niral Shah is #canceled

    Shyam Khanna (@dollarpizza1) on the joys of sects

    Virgil Texas (@menswearhouse) finally coming clean about his political tendency

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  • BONUS - All About Us w/ Leslie Lee III

    Massive spoiler alert on this one, baby! @leslieleeiii of your favorite leftist culture podcast @strugglesesh joins the crew (in studio!) to talk about Jordan Peele's sophomore offering, the blockbuster social-critique/horror film 'Us'.

    Sean, Jamie and Andy offer their weird opinions on the deeper meaning of the film... then Leslie, as always, schools everyone with his vast cinematic knowledge. Fun and talking shit on Breitbart happens along the way!

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  • Ep 46 - Ohio Operaismo w/ Street Fight Radio

    When @brettpain and @murderbryan from @streetfightwcrs are in town for their epic live show what the hell were we gonna do? Not have them on Antifada to talk workers inquiry, kratom and small business tyrants? Fat chance, bosses... Early access for patrons!

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