Ring of Fire is a podcast hosted by Farron Cousins that began as a radio show in 2004 by Mike Papantonio. The show focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters.

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  • Episode 681: Q&A Episode; Gaetz Gets Off; Trump Indictment Coming?

    Today on Ring of Fire!

    It's Q&A time again, and Farron will be answering questions from our YouTube Community members.

    Will the DOJ end up indicting Donald Trump?

    Why was no one charged in the Matt Gaetz scandal?

    Should liberals abandon Red States for more friendly terrain?

    How can we finally end Trump's disastrous trade war?

    All of these questions, and many more, will be answered on this episode of Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 680: Balloons, UFO's and Conspiracy Theories

    Today on Ring of Fire!

    Conspiracy theories are flying after more balloons were shot down over the United States - with many conservatives believing that we're suffering from an alien invasion. We'll explain why this makes absolutely no sense, even by Republican standards.

    Matt Gaetz is in trouble after bringing in an accused murderer to say the Pledge of Allegiance to open a House Judiciary hearing.

    Republicans want to put your children back to work in the mines and in slaughterhouses, and many states already have legislation ready to go to make that happen.

    President Biden keeps hammering Republicans on their desire to cut Social Security and Medicare, and it is driving the GOP insane.

    And former Vice President Mike Pence may try to fight his subpoena from special prosecutor Jack Smith, but that's one battle he can't hope to win.

    All that, and more, coming up on today's Ring of Fire Podcast!

  • Episode. 679: SOTU and the Awful Republican Response; Lindell's Election Crime Unit; and more

    On this episode of Ring of Fire!

    President Biden's State of the Union address angered Republicans in Congress, and their extreme behavior didn't go unnoticed by the American public. We'll talk about both the responses that happened during the speech, as well as the disastrous rebuttal issued by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

    Cyber criminals have a new target: Republican campaigns. Multiple Republicans have been the victims of cyber crimes with thieves stealing money from their campaign accounts, so we'll examine why these targets are so enticing to criminals (and why they only seem to be targeting Republicans right now.)

    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says that the RNC is putting him in charge of a unit to go after "election crimes," but what they're really doing is opening themselves up for a massive defamation lawsuit.

    And a former New York prosecutor says that the Manhattan DA's office was just about to file criminal charges against Donald Trump before Alvin Bragg took over - we'll bring you the details.

    All that, and more, on this episode of Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 678: Balloons; Nepo Babies, Trump Lawsuits

    On today's Ring of Fire!

    The Chinese spy balloon was shot down over the weekend, but that was really just the beginning of the drama. Now we've learned that similar balloons flew over the country many times during Trump's presidency, but he swears he didn't know - we'll explain what's happening.

    Matt Gaetz is leading the conservative assault on working class Americans by calling for cuts to SNAP benefits, Social Security, and Medicare. Meanwhile, the hosts on Fox News are railing against workers taking sick days, while Marjorie Taylor Greene whines about her "miserable" $174,000 per year Congressional salary. The elites are out in full force to demonize the working class.

    And Trump's legal problems are only getting worse, and his decision to hire a new lawyer in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuits could actually backfire on him in a hilarious way - we'll tell you what could happen.

    All that coming up on this episode of Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 677: Q&A Is Farron Going to Run For President?

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Its Q&A week on the Ring of Fire Podcast, and Farron Cousins will be answering the biggest questions from our YouTube Community members.

    Can Trump be banned from office over January 6th?

    Can we finally abolish the electoral college?

    Will the country's political divisions ever be healed?

    Will Farron run for President one day?

    All those questions, and many more, will be answered on this week's Ring of Fire!