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20211215 Nicole Sandler Show - Wednesday with Will Bunch and Ryan Grim too

It's Wednesday, 10 days before Christmas, and it's clear that Congress wants to go home for the holidays, as they're getting a lot of work done. Debt ceiling - check, NDAA - (unfortunately) check. Funding the government - (through mid Feb anyway) check. But wait. There's more! We should be on high alert and no one should be allowed to leave DC before the Right to Vote bill and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act are passed and signed in to law. And, of course, there's the Build Back Better legislation which Joe Manchin is still threatening to kill. Whether either of those happens is still to be determined. But frankly, if they don't fix our voting issues, they may as well just stay home after the holiday break, as our democracy will be lost. Today, Will Bunch, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, returns to the show. His latest column deals with last weekend's tornado disaster that took over 100 lives and exposed the big problems that haven't been fixed in our country. And we'll begin with an interview I taped with Ryan Grim of the Intercept yesterday. He has more information on that Medicare privatization scheme we've been talking about, Direct Contracting Entities, that you need to know about.