Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to question authority daily at

20220713 Nicole Sandler Show - Everything is Broken

And actually, everything has been broken for a very long time. It just keeps getting worse. The question is whether or not we can fix it. Cynicole says no... maybe we'll explore that today, or we'll talk about all of the things that are broken beyond repair. But today's guest actually has some ideas. David Pepper is a lawyer, author, and the former chair of the Ohio Democratic party. He guested on this program last year to discuss his new book, "Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-Up Call from Behind the Lines" which is summed up by the appropriated line, "it's the statehouses, stupid." I invited him to join us today after reading his 22 Tweet thread about the Guarantee Clause in the US Constitution-- and how invoking that could possibly save what's left of this experiment in democracy.