Kehinde Andrews, Ryan Grim & Matt Bruenig | The Nomiki Show 09-15-21

On today’s program, Nomiki Konst speaks with academic, author and activist Kehinde Andrews about his book The New Age Of Empire: How Racism and Colonialism Still Rule the World. Kehinde is Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University as well as Chair of the Harambee Organization of Black Unity.

Link to Kehinde’s book:

Next Nomiki is joined by Ryan Grim to talk about his recent article in The Intercept, “Biden’s Basic Question In A 2009 White House Meeting Exposed The Folly Of The Afghanistan War.” Ryan Grim is the D.C. Bureau Chief for The Intercept, a contributor to The Young Turks as well as author of the book “We’ve Got People: From Jessie Jackson to Alexandria-Cortez, the End of Big Money and the Rise of a Movement.”

Link to Ryan’s article:

and link to Ryan’s book:

Nomiki then talks with Matt Bruenig about his recent article in Jacobin, “35 Million Americans Are Losing Unemployment Income Today,” breaking down exactly what that means, what’s being done, and more. Matt is a lawyer, policy analyist, writer and founder of People’s Policy Project.

Link to Matt’s Article:

and link to People’s Policy Project:

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