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Ep 83.1: #linegoesdown w/ @dickophrenic & @postcyborg

Hate to break it to ya, but it's about time we talked about political economy. Oh you haven't read all three volumes? Do better.

In the meantime, Dick and Nate from "A Present State of Relations" blog and Twitter Dot Com join Sean KB to give you all a little primer on those pesky laws of motion of capital.

Relative surplus value? We got that.

Organic composition of capital? We got that.

Tendency of the rate of profit to fall? You better believe we got #linegoesdown

This is the first of an ongoing series in which you will hear smart and funny people try to explain to you why capitalism is just complete and utter dogshit. Our conversation was so long that we'll be releasing the concluding portion for free later in the week ;)

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Outro: The Hives - Die, alright!