A leftist history and theory podcast wherein Jamie Peck (The Antifada, The Majority Report), Aaron Thorpe (Trillbilly Workers Party) and Jorge Rocha (DSA) do the reading so you don't have to! Produced by Paul C (@pchannelstrip).

3.12 - The State & Revolution, Chapter 5 (part 2)

The ELC crew finishes out Chapter 5 of State and Rev. In this EXCITING and HOTLY DEBATED passage, Lenin lays out his plan for transitioning from capitalism to communism via a transitional phase of "lower stage communism." In this phase, you still have to go to work and earn money but now your boss is the state, albeit a state whose foundational goal is its own death-by-withering. Only once the economic basis for that withering is achieved can we ascend to "higher-stage communism" a.k.a. FULL COMMUNISM, a stateless, classless society that runs "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Is this a good plan? What are the pros and cons? Jamie, Jorge, and Aaron discuss.

Chapter 5: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/staterev/ch05.htm

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