Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to question authority daily at

20220629 Nicole Sandler Show - Now It's Your Turn

For the past few weeks (and more), we've been listening. Listening to the 1-6 hearings and the witnesses. Listening to the cable pundits. Listening to the lies from today's Republicans who are covering for the biggest con ever run on this country by the orange con man Don himself. We've been listening to the opinions of an illegitimate court about which nothing is supreme; the Extreme Court is more like it. So today, it's your turn to use your voice. I'm taking your calls at 954-889-6410, or via Skype to nicolesandler. Or if you prefer to jump on via Zoom, just go to and wait there. We have a lot to talk about today!