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Ep. 94 #linegoesdown (3.1) w/ Dickophrenic & PostCyborg

With China in the news lately, the Sean, Dick and Nate decided to dive deep into the history and political economy of East Asia with an eye towards how the fates of China and the United States became so intertwined:

Why did China decline as a historic world power? What role did imperialism play? Why was Japan's development different? How did the balance of class forces determine the unique road that China took to great power status? And why did Mao's Chinese Communist Party arise as it did when it did?

This first part of the series covers the history of China from the ancient period up to 1949 revolution. The next (to be released in several weeks) will examine the developmental regime up until the historic convergence of the Chinese and American economies in the 1990s. The concluding episode will situate the recent trade wars, the Belt and Road initiative, and the rise of China as a world capitalist power at the expense of American hegemony. Stay tuned!

Theme: Frank Crumit - Tale of the Ticker

Outro: Carsick Cars - Zhi Yuan De Ren