#FemFriday (On Sunday) Cea Weaver, Janelle Jolley & Brett Christophers | The Nomiki Show 08-06-21

#FemFriday on a Sunday?!!! Yes, another week, another battle, this time it’s ravaging wildfires creating havoc across the globe and so this #FemFriday is coming to you on Sunday. Again rest assured your frustration is shared on our end to the point that Producer Brad is going to have to order a Sunset Lake CBD IV drip or something. We can’t thank everyone enough for your patience and support.

For this week’s #FemFriday (on Sunday), Nomiki Konst is joined by Cea Weaver to discuss her most recent article in Jacobin, “New York’s ‘Cancel Rent’ Movement Isn’t Over.” Cea is Campaign Coordinator for Housing Justice For All as well as a Director of and Campaign Manager at Upstate/Downstate Housing Alliance.

Link to Cea’s article: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2021/08/nyc-cancel-rent-movement-campaign-covid-eviction-moratorium-erap-havp-housing-justice-for-all

Next Nomiki speaks with Janelle Jolley, Host of What’s Left To Do? She and Nomiki discuss New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal. Both women are very familiar with New York politics and they also discuss some of the various other ways Cuomo et al have been awful for the non-ruling-class people of New York. Now living in California, Janelle is also able to provide us with excellent analysis and commentary on California’s recall election of their Governor, Gavin Newsom, and more!

Link to Janelle’s show: https://www.whatslefttodo.com/

Rounding-out this #FemFriday (on Sunday), is a special airing of a book club interview with Brett Christophers, author of Rentier Capitalism: Who Owns The Economy And Who Pays For It? He and Nomiki discuss how places like the UK and America have become bastions of inequality, the increasingly unattainable goal of home-ownership, and much more.

Link to Brett Christopher’s book: https://www.versobooks.com/books/3683-rentier-capitalism

As always, stay in solidarity.

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