Build Back When? | No Bosses! | Grading De Blasio, Cuomo Bros, & $768B Defense Bill | The Nomiki Show 12/8/21

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On this episode:

Alex Vazquez, Maryland Community Organizer with CASA

» America's housing crisis & whether Biden will Build Back at all?

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Michael Albert's new book: "No Bosses: A New Economy for a Better World"

  • Michael Albert's book No Bosses advocates for the conception and then organization of a new economy. The vision offered is called participatory economics. It elevates self-management, equity, solidarity, diversity, and sustainability. It eliminates elitist, arrogant, dismissive, authoritarian, exploitation, competition, and homogenization.
  • No Bosses proposes a built and natural productive commons, self-management by all who work, income for how long, how hard, and the onerousness of conditions of socially valued work, jobs that give all economic actors comparable means and inclination to participate in decisions that affect them, and a process called participatory planning in which caring behavior and solidarity are the currency of collective and individual success.

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PANEL ft Napoleon da Legend & Rose Adams

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» NYC mandate:

» Grading De Blasio:

» Chris Cuomo's book cancelled:

» House Passes $768 Billion Defense Policy Bill: