A leftist history and theory podcast wherein Jamie Peck (The Antifada, The Majority Report), Aaron Thorpe (Trillbilly Workers Party) and Jorge Rocha (DSA) do the reading so you don't have to! Produced by Paul C (@pchannelstrip).

Ep 3.11 - The State & Revolution, Chapter 5 (part 1)

Jamie and Jorge discuss the first half of State & Revolution Chapter 5, "The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State." In this chapter, Lenin does the Full Monty and tells us how he believes the transition from capitalism to communism is likely to go, drawing from his interpretation of Marx and Engels. He insists throughout that, unlike the utopian socialists, he's presenting a theory that is grounded in "science." Do we buy it?

Chapter 5: https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/staterev/ch05.htm

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