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2019.4 - Private post teasers, email improvements and notification settings

Private posts are now displayed publicly on both page listings and episode permalinks with a title and teaser to create a membership. Previously private content was completely hidden. This change will let potential fans know what content they will gain access to once they join and create their membership.

Login link emails now have unique subject titles and clearer copy. Gmail was collapsing all of the login link emails with the same subject into one massive thread that made it hard to actually find the latest email with the relevant link to login.

Emails sent on registration, accepting a gift and confirming an email have been improved.

You can now add multiple emails to your account and configure if you'd like to receive notification emails or not on each address. Its a good idea to have more than one email associated with your account in the event you unexpectedly lose access to an email account. These notification settings on emails apply to both user and manager features across Only emails with notifications enabled will receive page manager notifications for example.

The new editor introduced last release has been integrated into all rich text situations within the page manager experience.

Phone contacts in the call system can now be assigned a grade and now display both contact name and number when there is a match.

Page managers with membership systems can now set the title and body of the page to show after someone cancels a membership.